There's more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in any book... 

           Louis Pasteur 


Our philosophy lies in the conjunction between the Terroir and the Net. 


Wine has nourished our family conversations, our experience and our business for over 30 years. 

Through the generations, we have developed a team of active professionals, oenologists and enthusiasts, who, year after year, make a careful selection of the best wines, focusing on origin, relationship with winemakers, quality and price. 


Today, the world of wine has changed.  

We have gone from the classic "case of 12" to the "coup de coeur" bottle, from traditional grands crus to owner's wines.  

The fashion is for natural wines, for true values.  

The choice is for prices that don't get stuck. 

And everything has to go fast! 


We are happy and proud to share with you, in real time, these great changes.  

Our EXCLUSIVE WINE COMPANY e-shop translates the evolution of the market by offering real commercial advantages while respecting the authenticity of the local flavours 

A simple click... And your wine order is at home, ready to be uncorked under the nose of your friends, to be tasted one on one or to rest in your cellar. 


If conviviality and relaxation exist on the Net, then it's here, on the EXCLUSIVE WINE COMPANY website,